Whats App New feature: finger print locks for Android How to set?


In addition to dual space and customized themes, recently whats app has introduced the new feature for better security of user. Now you can keep your chat more secure by the biometric feature of the whats app “Finger print Lock”.

Whats app can now be locked using your finger print. Finger print feature is similar to touch ID and Face ID feature of IOS apple phones.

If you allow the show content in notification, it will show the text message in notification even though you lock the phone.


How to Lock the what app with finger print

First update your whats app with new version from the Google play.

Open the app application.

Go to the Setting.

Go to the Privacy.

Finger print lock

Enable unlock the finger print

Touch the fingerprint sensor to confirm your fingerprint.

Select the duration of time before fingerprint authentication is prompted.

Hope this information is useful to you.


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