Importance of school education


why is it important to go to school?

School and school education is a very important part of our life; the most important time of our life is we spent in school. School teach us value, educate us, give good friends etc.
School is the first step of your life from where you get exposed to the word.

Here the reason why important of school education in our life:

The school makes you literate:
School teaches you the basic thing; you learn to write, read understand the meaning of the different word which is most important in today’s life.

School gives you the knowledge:
School give you knowledge about history, geography and the science etc. School is important because it teaches us about the world. School stimulates the curiosity which helps you learn the new thing.

School teaches you the value:
You learn the tolerance power, respect to other.respect to the elder teacher and helps to your friends. Learn how to support each other.

School teaches you the discipline :
School teaches you punctuality, empathy respect. School teaches you how to respect the people even you don’t like and work with them.

the school makes your base of your future:
School prepares you for your successful future. A good education gives you the opportunity for a good job and earns money. The school makes your base of life and you can make it better by getting a good opportunity.
School prepares you for the challenges you have to face in future.

School teaches us equality and unity:
School offer you exposure to the different culture, religion and community. You meet the people Most important lesson you learn from the school is equality among wealthy and poverty, unity among a different community, respect about a different religion.

School helps you to set the goal:
School help to student to identify the interest. Help to personal learning goal School education teach you to learn the difference in what is right or wrong

School help to society and nation:
School helps you to social life. School gives you good citizen to the nation.


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