Importance of education in life essay


-Education is most important thing for every person into this word. Education is need and the requirement of the today’s word. Without education you may feel like handicap in this fastest word ever.

-If you want to succeed you a to get high education its basic fundament of the today’s word. Education teaches you read write and understand the word language. To communicate with other to learn the language it’s a basic thing, to read the your bank account details, important document to count money .

-If somewhere board of the written for the direction where you want to reach you can easily reach there but if you don’t know the reading its create difficulty for you. It’s just example you can daily life easier if you are educated . you don’t have to depend on the other for your basic requirement.

-There many reason you need the education for your survival, to earn the money, to find the good job the higher the education the higher the chances of the good job.

-Education is the base of the life during school it never teaches you how to live the life but it makes you prepare to fulfil your basic requirement by earning the money.

-Education doesn’t mean only the learn what written in book, Education also include sports, singing, drawing, painting, craft other activity which is also

-Essential for life very  important for the country and our society. Education help to develop the society and ultimately the our country. It reduce the unemployment of the country and it help to decrease the poverty which help to the economic growth of the country.

-When you don’t know the thing   you can easily learn the thing by reading or get other information.

-People can think in broad way due to the education. They came to know whats is right or wrong for them. They can take the right decision for their self , family  and society .

-Education removes the difference of poor and rich from the society.

-Education gives you confidence

-Education increase you knowledge

-Education helps you to develop the personality

-Education opens the opportunity to earn money

-Education develop curiosity

-Education is important to survival

-Education is important for society

-Education is important to development of country

-Education is important to fulfil the basic need

-Education is important to the dream

-Education is important to personal development


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