How to register UTS Mobile ticketing


-For registration on UTS Mobile ticket booking.

-Registration can be done through mobile phone application or website (

-Click on the following link: for mobile application

-It is only one-time activity.

-The passenger first will get registered by providing his/her mobile number, name, Identification card number, city, default booking train type, class, ticket type, number of passengers, and frequently traveling routes.

Mobile Number: The passenger should give the mobile number of the mobile from which registration process is being performed and will be used for Ticket Booking. By default, the Mobile number will be used as user id for application login

Name: The name of the passenger
City: The passenger resident city from where the passenger books the tickets. This information will be used to customize the application interface like filter source station at the time of booking, etc

ID card: The passenger has to give an ID card of any ID card type specified in the ‘Select ID card Type’ list. The passenger is responsible in case of defining wrong/fake ID card.

The passenger will press the Generate OTP and OTP will be sent as SMS to the mobile specified in the application.
The passenger has to type the received OTP in the application.

After successful registration, an SMS will be sent to the user with login-id and password and zero-balance.
R-Wallet will be created without any additional cost.


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