How to develop good habit


-The good habit always helps you to achieve success in your life, because of the habit discipline are maintained in life.

-First of all, remind our self why you need to change the habit or develop the habit the will help you.

-When you initially start the practice you may the forget the thing what you want to develop but whenever you remember start practicing again gradually it become your habit.

-Start from the small.  If you want to read daily 2 hours but you can’t do it continuously then start from 15 minutes and increase the time of the rereading.

-if you forget then make the reminder as a note and paste on the wall to remind the thing each and every time

-Don’t force yourself to do thing .just make it smoothly example you want to develop the habit of reading  2 hour day you cannot read for a long time then start from the less time then increase the duration. Even in decided time, you did not feel comfortable leaving it just starts after some time.


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