Features provided by the UTS application


Following features are provided by the UTS application . By using that feature you can make your task easy. But only registered users are allowed to access the application features.

Application Feature of UTS Application:

Quick Booking:
Book Ticket using frequent travel routes.
Normal Booking:
Book Ticket for any routes defined for the city.
Season Ticket :
Book Season ticket for any routes defined for the city.
Platform Ticket
Book Platform ticket
Cancel Ticket :
Cancel a Ticket before taking Ticket Printout However, Cancellation of Paperless ticket is not allowed.
Booking History:
Show already booked tickets with rebook option.
Show Ticket:
This feature will be used by the passenger as and when TTE/TC asked for a ticket. This feature is for paperless ticket.
Profile :
Manage the passenger profile and check RWallet balance.
Sync Ticket :
The option is available under the profile feature. This is used to remove the old expired tickets and sync latest valid ticket from the server.
Logout :
The application will shutdown.


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