Face book introduces Boomerang for Messenger


Face book launched the Boomerang feature popular amongst the messenger app.  Because of that new feature now facebook has one more camera mode boomerang. This feature is available in both messenger redesigned app and old version . Boomerang offers the looping effect.

Face book announced the selfie and portraits features to the messenger app.The Boomerang feature is already available in the Face book app’s camera. But it now available in messenger camera also.

How to create boomerang:

-Open your camera and press the camera button at the bottom of the display or you can use the you have already.

-Swipe on the feature carousel to Boomerang. Choose any popup, line up subject.

-Tap the infinity button on-screen or hold and release if you want to control the number of frames taken.

-You can take up to frames of video.

-Once Messenger takes the Boomerang, it will process it.


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