Easy ways to decorate your home for Diwali


Diwali is the festival of lights and the and the decorations. Diwali is incomplete without the decorations and diyas. Here we find the way to decor your home and feel festive.


By using Beautiful Diyas

Diwali is not completed without diyas. Different types of diyas are available in market .You can bring diyas and paint over that or decorate by the glitter also. That give you own touch and feeling.

You can arrange the diya in different pattern which look different and more attractive. Use of earthen diyas gives traditional look to the home.

You can use diyas in rangoli design which look beautiful at night.



To make the rangoli at home is traditional trend. By using different colours flowers even with colour grains you can make the rangoli design.

Even you are not good with rangoli the readymade rangolis stencils available in market by using that you can make rangoli it also look attractive.


By using flowers:

Flowers are the common thing to decorate the home and easily available .By using flower you can make the beautiful rangoli. By using flower in Vase. He Toran also make by using the flowers


Furniture’s and its decoration

Just change the arrangement of your furniture it give the different and new look to your home.

Use colour theme for bed sheet cushion cover sofa cover and curtain. Use dark and bright colour of bed sheet and cover which make you feel festive.


Beautiful lightings and lampshades

Fairy lights is most important and attractive lighting in Diwali decoration. Doorway can be decorate the by the fairy lights. you can include Lampshades are the one of the great option to decorate the home .you can prepare the lamp shade at home also.


Toran also one of the good option to make the door attractive. Different types of  the toran are available in market. Handmade flowers toran can also used to decorate the door,

Table decor

Make your table beautiful by using flower decoration and candles .Handmade traditional table cloths make it more beautiful and attractive.


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